5 Trends in Contemporary & Modern Home Design

Whether you’re building, renovating or just wanting to add a touch of pizzazz to your home, it can be difficult to find inspiration for your modern home design. There are so many possibilities! From colour, to size, to functionality, how do you know where to start? To narrow down your options, you should try to figure out what’s important to you and the atmosphere you want to create in your home. Here’s somemodern home plans and design trends to get your creative juices flowing:

Earthy and neutral tones to create a harmonious environment and the illusion of space

From a design perspective, more and more people are choosing to surround themselves with textural finishes and earthy tones. We want our homes to feel honest and true. Concrete accents and natural materials such as timber, create a look that is simple and homely.

Timber, used both externally and internally, has great aesthetic appeal. Natural growth rings, gum veins and ambrosia gives different types of timber a unique, natural and pleasing looks with plenty of character.

In Melbourne modern architecture is an architectural style that is gaining appreciation and popularity in 2018. Thanks to Instagram accounts such as @modernister, @moderistaustralia and @moderntimesau mid-century modern design is thrust into the mainstream. Best described as minimalist, these homes are marked by clean lines, flat or gables roofs, dramatic edges often with large eaves and large picture windows.

The appeal of neutral tones are popular because it makes the interior of the home appear bigger. Instead of intricately carved antique-style cornices or pillars, modern homes are also using cleaner lines that make the home look neater and more composed. When it comes to space, big floor to ceiling windows or curtains can be enough to make a room look more spacious. High tray ceilings also make it seem roomier.

Tear off the labels

Your typical kitchen and study no longer need to be your typical kitchen and study. Your kitchen can include a dining area, and your study can have an entertainment area. In fact, most of the rooms in your house can be fused together, saving space and creating convenience.

Many modern contemporary homeshave the kitchen as the social hub of the home.This allows for you to entertain your guests or to gather while the kids are cooking. Beyond providing extra workspace and storage, kitchen islands can serve as an important design feature of your modern home design while also adding a social dimension. Most islands reserve one side for cooking and the other for eating but you can choose to incorporate seating on a number of sides of your island to create a more social and flexible environment.

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Here are some modern home plans that can serve as inspiration.

A carefully considered lighting design can also help to thoughtfully accommodate the multifunctional nature of your home. Consider task lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting alongside careful placement, design and ambience to maximise a room’s potential while introducing energy and atmosphere.

Include convenient components

There are many clever tools that make every movement and activity more convenient. Modern homes can now have fancy built-in gadgets like wireless chargers on tables or retractable chopping boards built into the counter. Shelves, closets and appliances built into the walls are also becoming more common in contemporary homesas they provide more space to move around freely.Clutter chaos causes frustration, an organised space keeps you feeling calm. Keep the aesthetic of the space clean and major appliances camouflaged as (much as possible), help to create a refined, polished look.

Modern home designs with a colourful kitchen

Bold and experimental pieces

Though the common trend is to use a neutral palate with sleek designs, certain areas of the home can get away with a tasteful pop of colour or a conversation-worthy piece. For instance, you can go wild with an intricate yet contemporary chandelier in the living room or a boldly patterned tilein the bathroom. These little quirks keep your contemporary house design from looking like a generic model home to an ultra modern house with some of your personality injected into the design.

Freestanding baths continue to increase in popularity. Their appeal is most likely due to the greater focus we’re placing on visually striking bathrooms with the freestanding bath being a hero piece.

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Go green

Durability, sustainability and low-maintenance will continue to be a big factor in material selection.Plus more and more people are switching to more environmentally friendly options like recycled materials and solar energy. An eco friendly home that runs (or at least mostly runs) on clean energy is always a welcome addition to the fight against climate change, and it’s the socially responsible choice. You can also explore options like low-flow toilets, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and tankless water heaters. See ‘Designing and building an eco-friendly home.’ It may seem a little pricey to begin with, but it’ll save you money in the long run.

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