Modular Beach House Designs

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Modern Australian beach house designs to suit the environment There’s something quite Aussie about spending the weekend away at the beach. We’re blessed with some of world’s most amazing beaches and our relaxed coastal homes reflect this laid-back, outdoor living. While this turbulent weather might make a beachside stay unlikely right now, there’s never a bad time to ogle at stunning beach house designs to get you inspired and lusting for the holidays. These six modern beach homes are sure [...]

Choosing the Right Hot Water System

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Whether long, hot showers are a guilty pleasure or your family wouldn’t know how to survive without the dishwasher, hot water systems have enormous demands placed on them and account for nearly 20 percent of a home’s energy costs. Choosing the best hot water system for your home can therefore be a difficult task and needs to be carefully considered to ensure it matches your usage pattern, budget and long term priorities. […]

Keeping Modscape in the Family – Blueys Beach

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From windy ocean roads to  sandy beaches,  picturesque mountains and plentiful agricultural plains, the benefits of modular – the control, predictability and accessibility – is ideally suited to remote, complex or regional sites. Take our Kimberley project in Western Australia for example. As one of our first projects, completed over 11 years ago for the managers of the Yougawalla Cattle Station, the modular home/school/workers accommodation sits amongst millions of acres in the heart of one of Australia’s harshest and remote [...]

10 Commonly Asked Questions About Modscape’s Modular Homes

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Despite the growing popularity and greater appreciation of the prefabricated construction industry, there are still a lot of questions and misconceptions about modular homes. Here are 10 of the most commonly asked questions we get at Modscape.   1. What are modular homes? Clients who are new to the concept of modular construction often ask Modscape, “is a modular home the same as a prefabricated build?” And, “what are the main differences between a modular home and a traditional home?” [...]

What You Need to Know About Building a Modular Home in a Bushfire Prone Area

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There is something truly magical about living in the bush.  The smells of the eucalypts and the shape and colour of the native canopy that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. The native wildlife that are abundant in these locations. The textures. The space. It’s peaceful. It’s beautiful. However the increased frequency and the intensity of bushfires over the past 30 or so years have resulted in amendments to how we plan and build our homes in these regions. [...]

Off-Site Modular Construction – Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

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Recently the NSW Government announced a welcomed $2.3 billion budget boost for hospitals and health services. As part of the increase, the state government will invest in extra frontline clinical and support staff in addition to the construction of 40 new facilities, upgrades and redevelopments. To meet the demand in a timely, efficient and high quality manner, smart developers and contractors will turn to modular construction systems and techniques. […]

Modular Construction Brought to Life Through a Creative Lens

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The detailed modular construction process can be a difficult one to grasp, yet the many advantages are worth understanding for anyone looking to design and build a new home. To aid this understanding we recently engaged Melbourne cinematographer, Nathan Kaso, to produce a short tilt-shift time-lapse film on the process. But rather than just spelling out our process, Nathan sought to capture the distinctiveness of a modular project through a unique combination of filming techniques and styles.  […]

Living Cities Forum 2017

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Join the international design discussion about livability in Melbourne next month when the Living Cities Forum comes to town. Melbourne’s 6 year place atop the Economist’s Global Liveability Ranking makes it an obvious choice of host for this event. Despite Melbourne’s aforementioned ranking the forum is designed to take a deeper and more critical look past the considerations of the liveability equation to answer the question: what visionary thinking is required to sustain the urban attributes that make Melbourne arguably [...]

How Green is Your City?

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A greener city is more enjoyable for us and more beneficial for the environment. Through the evolution of intersectional technologies we now have a greater understanding of how we interact with the built and natural environment. A recent innovation from MIT’s Senseable City Lab, is one such innovation – it measures the density of greenery in cities across the globe but at a human eye-level. Named Treepedia, the program assesses street-level urban greenery using Google Street View and the Green [...]