PREFAB-ULOUS: A Melbourne extension born in New York

2020-06-04T14:09:59+00:00 June 4th, 2020|All|

Tasked with healing a closed-off, compartmentalised Victorian-era house and a lean-to that was tacked on and tacky, Modscape has nailed the brief and proven the power of prefabricated architecture with this Albert Park stunner. The word “extension” can strike fear in the bravest of homeowners looking to expand their living quarters. Messy, noisy and time-consuming, most extensions are laborious and hurt the hip pocket. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Prefabricated constructions have come a long way and [...]

Birdbox Prefabricated Cabins

2020-04-15T08:59:26+00:00 April 3rd, 2020|All, Architecture, Design|

These are crazy, unprecedented times and at present we’re encouraged to stay at home - but there’s nothing to say our minds can’t wander… and we’ve found the perfect place. Travel (digitally) to Norway where there’s an abundance of incredible, unspoilt nature – from wild fjords and jagged coastlines to icy glaciers and fertile green forests. Here you’ll find these incredible prefabricated cabins, perched on hillsides, where you can gaze over the lush landscape from the comfort of your bed. [...]

Downsizing: What You Need to Know

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For most of our adult lives, when we purchase or build properties we tend to seek a bigger space – especially if our family has expanded. And as we learn what works for us and our routines, we find homes that are tailored to suit. When we come to downsizing, however, it seems to go against this natural trend and can be a difficult and sometimes emotional process to undertake. Whether you’re retired, an empty nester, or simply looking to [...]

Knowing Your Timbers: 5 Australian Timbers and Their Characteristics

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Durable, diverse and naturally beautiful, timber is one of the few materials that brings nature into your home. Both safe to handle and aging without decomposition, timber proudly boasts being one of the few renewable and carbon positive materials that can be sustainably harvested. From an architectural perspective, timber lends enormous range to a project; whether you want subtle grace, grand statements, organic hew or refined formality – you can find a timber to suit. In Australia, we are particularly [...]

Meet the Team – Mary Thompson

2019-10-11T15:33:20+00:00 October 11th, 2019|All, Modscape|

From designing our modular buildings and documenting the designs for construction right through to coordinating the many trades in our factory and making sure the building materials arrive on time, it takes an amazing crew of people to run Modscape. Today we introduce Mary Thompson, one of Modscape’s Project Supervisors. […]

10 Modern Home Plans and Design Tips for Contemporary Living

2019-09-11T14:07:03+00:00 September 10th, 2019|All, Architecture, Design|

Neutral tones like grey are becoming more popular than ever because it makes the interior of the home appear bigger. In addition, instead of intricately carved antique-style cornices or pillars, modern homes are also using cleaner lines that make the home look neater and more composed. When it comes to space, big floor to ceiling windows or curtains can be enough to make a room look more spacious. High tray ceilings also make it seem roomier.

Meet the Team – Chris McRae

2019-07-24T13:52:58+00:00 July 24th, 2019|All, Modscape|

From designing our modular buildings to documenting the designs for construction and from coordinating the many trades in our factory to making sure the building materials arrive on time, it takes an amazing crew of people to run Modscape. Today we introduce Chris McRae, Modscape’s Sales & Design Consultant. […]

Things We Love: Modular Desktop Robot

2019-05-17T14:18:43+00:00 May 14th, 2019|All, Things We Love|

Decades of science fiction movies and TV-shows have promised us useful robotic buddies to help us with our daily tasks. While at present that reality is partially fulfilled with toys like Nintendo’s ROB, actual robotic arms have been typically confined to a manufacturing functionality on production lines or in other environments like the medical sector. Hexbot Robotics is looking to change that with the creation of Hexbot 1.0 – an affordable, desktop robotic arm that draws, writes, 3D prints and [...]

Our Top Instagram Posts from 2018

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It’s been a fabulous year, but we couldn’t have done it without the continual support and love from our fans. Reading about our work in magazines and on design websites has been wonderful and humbling. We’re looking forward to sharing with you more completed modular projects and more behind-the-scenes Modscape moments in 2019, but for now, we’ve found the perfect end-of-year distraction for you – we’ve gone through our Instagram posts from the past 12 months and found your favourite [...]

Luxury Home Builders Redefining Prestige in Melbourne

2019-10-09T16:24:34+00:00 December 20th, 2018|All|

When people think luxury homes, they usually think of ocean front homes in Sydney or elegant homes in tightly-held Melbourne suburbs. However, the prestige property market isn’t just confined to bayside ‘burbs. For our team, the secret to designing a luxury residence is all about detail and creating a sense of natural light filled space– regardless of the suburb. Each home we build is bespoke and a one-off, centred around a client’s site and individual requirements. We’re passionate about design [...]