Modular Construction Brought to Life Through a Creative Lens

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The detailed modular construction process can be a difficult one to grasp, yet the many advantages are worth understanding for anyone looking to design and build a new home. To aid this understanding we recently engaged Melbourne cinematographer, Nathan Kaso, to produce a short tilt-shift time-lapse film on the process. But rather than just spelling out our process, Nathan sought to capture the distinctiveness of a modular project through a unique combination of filming techniques and styles.  […]

Living Cities Forum 2017

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Join the international design discussion about livability in Melbourne next month when the Living Cities Forum comes to town. Melbourne’s 6 year place atop the Economist’s Global Liveability Ranking makes it an obvious choice of host for this event. Despite Melbourne’s aforementioned ranking the forum is designed to take a deeper and more critical look past the considerations of the liveability equation to answer the question: what visionary thinking is required to sustain the urban attributes that make Melbourne arguably [...]

How Green is Your City?

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A greener city is more enjoyable for us and more beneficial for the environment. Through the evolution of intersectional technologies we now have a greater understanding of how we interact with the built and natural environment. A recent innovation from MIT’s Senseable City Lab, is one such innovation – it measures the density of greenery in cities across the globe but at a human eye-level. Named Treepedia, the program assesses street-level urban greenery using Google Street View and the Green [...]

10 Prefab Houses We Want To Live In

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The team at Modscape recently sat down and picked 10 amazing prefab designs from around the world that we’d be delighted to move into tomorrow. Desert House Image via Marmol Radziner Located in the Desert Hot Springs, California, is a delightful prefab home spread out over a five acre site. The internal floor space of 185 sqm is made up of seven modules and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. 140 sqm of additional shade/deck modules create ample space for [...]

Project Brunswick Extension

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Peeking above a brick wall in Brunswick sits a modular extension that creates a powerful contrast from the existing architecture. The corner block called for a design that engages with the site’s existing streetscape from multiple viewpoints. How the extension reads in elevation was very important to both the clients and the Modscape design team. Rather than attempting to mimic in an unauthentic manner, the simple and geometric addition stands independently from the original, while remaining sympathetic to its scale [...]

Designing and Building an Eco-Friendly Home

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Eco home design basics could save you thousands We love great architecture and clever design. But we love it even more when the very best practices of residential design are combined with principles of sustainability. Many local Australian councils now support eco house designs and floor plans and encourage eco home builders to utilise the multiple advances in construction technology and materials. This makes it even easier to construct a highly energy efficient house. So how do you build an [...]

Things We Love: Off-Grid Living

2019-02-28T14:16:30+00:00 September 18th, 2016|All, Architecture, Modscape, Press/Media, Sustainability, Things We Love|

This month we are loving the new video by realestate.com.au on off-grid living – featuring our very own Tintaldra project. The Tintaldra home is situated on a vast property on the southern banks of the Murray River and serves as a minimalist retreat, offering a secluded yet intimate existence from which the surrounding environment can be observed and revered. When viewed from the road the cabin recedes into the landscape, looking like any number of sheds in the area and [...]

Project Shoreham

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Orientated to enjoy the dramatic views across Western Port Bay, this holiday home in Shoreham, Victoria provides all the essentials for a beachside getaway. The dwelling is arranged over two levels with a timber clad box atop a black metal base. The clients’ brief was to capitalise on the beautiful sea views so the main living space and master bedroom are elevated to the first floor. With the sea views to the south a secondary outdoor area was constructed to [...]