Modscape’s energy-efficient modular house in the New South Wales countryside

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Words from Wallpaper* Melbourne-based architects Modscape offer an insight into the design and build process behind this modular, energy efficient weekend home assembled in just 12 weeks. A modular home set into the pastoral countryside in Orange, NSW, Kangaroobie House was constructed from fully-welded structural steel frames and fabricated offsite in 12 weeks. ‘Our homes are are fully finished in our factory prior to being delivered to site,’ explains Modscape managing director Jan Gyrn. ‘All of the painting, tiling, cabinetry etc., is complete before leaving the [...]

Public Housing Drive to Build Offsite + Modular Capacity

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Words from Built Offsite magazine - Issue 17  The Victorian Government's $209 million commitment to building an additional 1000 public housing properties over three years is helping build capacity in offsite construction. Project management firm Sensum is currently working with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to deliver the 1000 home program, which is responsible for managing public housing in Victoria. The objective of the program is to boost the state’s public housing, a form of long-term [...]

Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Awards

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Produced and presented by Hobsons Bay City Council, the Business Excellence Awards provide an opportunity for businesses in the Hobsons Bay area, both large and small, to be recognised for their achievements, innovation and leading work practices. From home-based businesses and start-ups, to manufacturing and logistics companies, the business awards bring together people to celebrate their successes and accomplishments. Modscape was thrilled to have won the ‘2017 Business of the Year Award’ for our commitment to sustainability and innovation. The [...]

Australian Construction Awards 2019 Winner

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Last night’s Australian Construction Awards took place as part of the industry leading Sydney BUILD Expo. Modscape is thrilled to have won the ‘Offsite Construction Project of the Year’ award for our role in delivering a range of modular projects across Victoria and New South Wales. The award celebrates outstanding innovation, best practice and expertise in a project and we’re humbled by the fantastic acknowledgement, not only for our company, but for the future of the offsite construction industry. Visit our [...]

“No delays, no worries”: The Marvels of Modular Building

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Words from The New Daily - www.thenewdaily.com.au When the roads around your home have been closed, the neighbourhood bus re-routed and 12 semi-trailers, a 250-tonne crane and 30 or so people turn up, you know something special is happening. For Simon and Kate Hutchings, this was the extension to their Californian bungalow in Ivanhoe being delivered. Designed and built by Melbourne modular manufacturer, Modscape, it would be fair to say the extension is a long way from the boxy dullness [...]

Modscape Open Day 2018

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We love design and construction and we love weekend entertaining. So we’re combining the two and inviting you to our modular construction hub in Brooklyn for lunch. On Saturday 13 October 2018 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm, we’ll be throwing open our doors and inviting the team from Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck to whip up some burgers and tacos. […]

Phillip Island Project in HIA Housing Magazine

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Words from HIA Housing Magazine – www.hia.com.au Settled unobtrusively on a wild shoreline of Victoria’s Phillip Island, this effortlessly beautiful holiday home evokes the nostalgic charm of Australia’s iconic beachside cottages; with their spare mid-century styling and perennially sandy floors. At the same time, its progressive design and 21st century sensibilities herald a bold new take on contemporary architectural ingenuity. The home is constructed – quite simply – from seven prefabricated modular units, assembled into two rectangular forms and anchored [...]

Lane Cove Project in the Daily Telegraph

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Words from The Daily Telegraph - www.dailytelegraph.com.au A house built in a matter of weeks and delivered in a day was everything these owners wanted. They say timing is everything and in the case of this Lane Cove house, that certainly rings true. It may look like a regular house but its arrival in the suburb was met with much anticipation — and its journey to the site was planned with precision. The house is made up of four separate [...]

Two Families Embrace Off-Grid Living in This Sustainable Prefab Home

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Words from Dwell.com https://dwell.com Two families live large and comfortably in this beautiful, self-sufficient prefab in rural Australia. Peacefully placed in an open field, Franklinford is more than just a pretty rural retreat. Completed by Australian–based prefab specialists Modscape, this energy-efficient 2,370-square-foot residence was constructed in just 12 weeks off-site, and effortlessly embodies the numerous benefits of prefabricated architecture. As with all homes prefabricated in Modscape’s factory, Franklinford was built with structural insulated panels for a highly insulated shell. Radially sawn timber and batten covers nearly the [...]