3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Land for Your Future Modular Home

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An empty block of land is a blank canvas giving you the freedom to design your future home exactly how you want it. Your needs, tastes, lifestyle and goals can all be taken into consideration and the final ‘masterpiece’ will reflect your personality. We encourage you to keep in mind a few important factors when you’re looking for the perfect piece of ground for your modular home. Considering the following factors will ensure that you purchase land that is going [...]

10 Commonly Asked Questions About Modscape’s Modular Homes

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Despite the growing popularity and greater appreciation of the prefabricated construction industry, there are still a lot of questions and misconceptions about modular homes. Here are 10 of the most commonly asked questions we get at Modscape.   1. What are modular homes? Clients who are new to the concept of modular construction often ask Modscape, “is a modular home the same as a prefabricated build?” And, “what are the main differences between a modular home and a traditional home?” [...]

In the Process of Beggining a Knockdown Rebuild Project?

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These days trying to find the perfect block of vacant land in your desired location can be like looking for a four-leaf clover. In increasing numbers, people are choosing to knock down their existing house and rebuild on their current block. They are already in a suburb they desire, a street they like, near a school they want their kids to go to or close to ageing parents. Choosing to rebuild your home on the block you currently reside in [...]

Design Series: Baths and Bathroom Fixtures

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The profile of the bathroom continues its rise thanks to the advancements in high tech bathroom accessories and the stunning bath, vanity and tile options now available. The bathroom is where most of us start our day. We clean away the night and prepare ourselves for battle. The shower offers busy people the only chance they have all day for some solace. It can be where you steal a moment to put on your make-up like a mask of strength [...]

3 Reasons Why a Modular Home Is a Great Option for a Country Block

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In regional and rural areas, the costs associated with building a new home can be compounded by factors pertaining to a site’s isolation and exposure. Labour supply, weather conditions and accessibility tend to impact on the ease and financial feasibility with which rural construction can take place.  However, contrary to traditional onsite construction methods, modular building is ideally suited to regional areas thanks to the control, predictability and accessibility achievable through an offsite factory build. Given the difficulties traditionally associated [...]

6 Benefits of Solar Power (And How To Make The Most Of It)

2019-04-15T18:43:58+00:00 November 10th, 2017|Sustainability|

An increasing number of Australian households are turning to renewable energies to create more eco friendly homes. Solar power – the most widely consumed renewable energy – boasts a host of benefits for both the environment and for households. And by pairing your solar energy unit with a battery storage system, you can strive for carbon neutrality while reaping the financial rewards of self-sufficiency.  […]

5 Ways to Improve the Sustainability of Your New Modular Home

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Australian households are responsible for one-fifth of the nation’s greenhouse emissions while homeowners struggle to stay afloat in a sea of rising energy needs and costs. But as this drives us to innovate and improve the efficiency of our homes – both for individual rewards and environmental wellbeing – running a carbon-neutral household is becoming an increasingly realistic goal, especially for those seeking to build rather than buy their next home. Choosing to design and build your home rather than [...]

Modular Construction Brought to Life Through a Creative Lens

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The detailed modular construction process can be a difficult one to grasp, yet the many advantages are worth understanding for anyone looking to design and build a new home. To aid this understanding we recently engaged Melbourne cinematographer, Nathan Kaso, to produce a short tilt-shift time-lapse film on the process. But rather than just spelling out our process, Nathan sought to capture the distinctiveness of a modular project through a unique combination of filming techniques and styles.  […]

Using Solar Blinds For A More Sustainable Home

2017-09-11T13:48:40+00:00 July 6th, 2017|Sustainability|

Although solar power is becoming more and more accessible for households, they can entirely impractical if you don’t own your own home or if you live in an apartment building. With this common problem in mind SolarGaps is the smart solution for those who can’t install a full rooftop solar system, but want to harness solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and their household energy bills and have a more sustainable house.  […]

Designing and Building an Eco-Friendly Home

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Eco home design basics could save you thousands We love great architecture and clever design. But we love it even more when the very best practices of residential design are combined with principles of sustainability. Many local Australian councils now support eco house designs and floor plans and encourage eco home builders to utilise the multiple advances in construction technology and materials. This makes it even easier to construct a highly energy efficient house. So how do you build an [...]