After you’ve gone through the process of architecturally designing and building your sustainable modular home with Modscape, we can understand how putting a few holes in your new walls may bring a sense of unrest. Well, rest easy because the latest design trend means putting down your measuring tape, your nails and hammer, and arranging your art without hanging it.

Beginning as a solution for commitment phobes and serial rearrangers alike, ‘unhanging’ art has now become the preference for interior designers the world over. “I tend to lean my art even more than I hang it these days,” says designer Leanne Ford, “this allows for a constant and easy rotation of what is displayed, where and how.” In our experience, there are many inspired ways to set or lean your art (some more child friendly than others), so we’ve taken the time to visually map out some creative ways so you can try the trend at home in your modular house.

Leaning artwork beside a staircase in your modular home
A surprise at the bottom.

Given that traffic moves up and down the stairs, tastefully leaning artwork beside a staircase can be a relatively safe spot to place a visual treat.

Leaning artwork in the bathroom of in your modular home
More than mirrors.

Often left for soap and perfume your bathroom ledge can also be used as the perfect platform to lean artwork that you can enjoy while soaking in the tub.

Art unhung in the bedroom of a modular home
Lounging bed side.

This is one of the most common ways we see art unhung, most likely because it’s a space that few others enter thus ensuring safe keeping of your pieces.

Decorative clusters of art in a prefab home
In decorative clusters.

The modern designer’s take on a display cabinet. Creating decorative clusters of pieces takes otherwise unused walls and makes them something.

Layering hanging art in a prefab home
In conversation with hanging pieces.

Tasteful layering on hanging pieces can ground a room, ensuring your hanging pieces never “float away”. We find this works best with canvases, rather than framed pieces.

Creating depth and height in shelves of your prefab home
Playing in shelf.

This clever arrangement creates depth and height in shelves. Looking particularly nice in play with 3D pieces like sculpture or pottery.

Coffee table books in a modular house
Coffee table book style.

If you’re avid collector of coffee table books, we invite you to add to that a proportionate frame laid flat on top of your proud collection.

Decorative chairs as easels in a modular home
Last but not least.

If space and design permits, why not consider creating a hallway gallery in your prefab home using decorative chairs as easels?

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