Life-Sized Lego Furniture

Giant Lego for adults? No complaints here. Now you can release your inner-child with EverBlock – a life-sized modular building block that allows you to build nearly anything.

Obsessed with Lego bricks as a child, EverBlock founder Arnon Rosan realised the potential of everyone’s favourite construction toy to create a functional modular building system.

EverBlock can be configured into almost anything from furniture, dividing walls, shelving, bars and even a habitable shelter – all without the need for glue or specialist tools. The blocks themselves function just as you’d expect, interlocking and stacking together.

It’s not all just fun and games for the company. They also specialise in creating durable rigid structures for disaster relief applications. A full building, with doors and windows, can be snapped together in hours during times of disaster, with the buildings easily rearranged as needs change.

“If you’re storing relief supplies, having a solid structure is a really important thing,” Rosan says. “We envision modular cities that can grow and reshape as needed to accommodate incoming and outgoing groups of varying sizes and roles—relief workers, victims, police, and administration.”

This innovative product captures a certain childlike imagination while instilling real world benefits. We can’t wait to play.


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