Living Cities Forum 2017

Join the international design discussion about livability in Melbourne next month when the Living Cities Forum comes to town. Melbourne’s 6 year place atop the Economist’s Global Liveability Ranking makes it an obvious choice of host for this event.

Despite Melbourne’s aforementioned ranking the forum is designed to take a deeper and more critical look past the considerations of the liveability equation to answer the question: what visionary thinking is required to sustain the urban attributes that make Melbourne arguably “the most liveable city”? 

The Living Cities Forum 2017 brings together leading international architects and urban thinkers to consider the factors that determine a healthy and vibrant city. Each speaker holds intimate knowledge of diverse cities across the globe from London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and beyond. The broad expertise of the forums speakers present a unique opportunity to ensure valuable debate about Melbourne’s future in the context of the global urban discussion.

Some of the themes that will be explored in the debate include:

  • The challenges of increasing urban density;
  • The push and pull of preserving local character while embracing tourism and trade;
  • The impact of climate and the need for increased resilience; and
  • The links between the built fabric and social fabric of Melbourne.

Click here for more information about speakers and event ticketing.

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