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Alphington Grammar School’s new early learning multi-level building is nestled along the banks of the Darebin Creek. Designed as a non-traditional, angled L shape, the classroom building is comprised of 41 modules and makes up 13 flexible general learning spaces, equipped with vinyl flooring for ‘wet’ activities. The modern education building will also feature 12 quiet withdrawal spaces, early learning rooms, a music and art room, rehearsal space, breakout spaces and large, sweeping common learning spaces for education outside of the classroom, as well as an administration, amenities and both a lift and stairs for equitable access.

Designed to encompass a strong connection between the indoors and out, the building’s spaces aim to encourage the children to engage in learning everywhere. In addition to an outdoor learning balcony on level one, between the two arms of the building’s L-shape is an outdoor play area, complete with tiered seating and trees – a flexible and adaptable space for sport, socialising, relaxation and events. Large doors open up to the green space, allowing the classrooms to spill outward.

For Modscape, the project is a unique scenario, as Alphington Grammar is split down the middle by a road. The school therefore required a building that will be modern and appealing from the outside, while welcoming to visitors. The southern sides of the building feature full-height glazing with aluminium feature blades, which double as sun protection and enhance the passive design principles of the building. Such ample glazing provides all teaching spaces with direct outlooks to the dense landscaping and parklands beyond, enhancing the school community’s connection with nature and the local parkland surrounds.

Softly curved walls are designed to activate the building’s façade and courtyard, acting as an almost living shape that opens up to the remainder of the school. The organic form and curves also work to soften any ‘bulkiness’ of the large building, gently marrying it with its natural green backdrop.

Providing a one-stop-shop, Modscape will direct and manage Alphington Grammar’s site works and landscaping as well as council approvals, design, construction and installation, for a streamlined construction timeline. Once planning approvals are received, the school’s new building will be completed and on-site within 14 weeks.

Project Specifications

  • 1706sqm of learning spaces, a music and art room, admin facility and amenities
  • Wet rooms for arts and messy activities
  • Outdoor balcony
  • Lift and stairs
  • Built-in tech


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