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Situated on a vast property on the southern banks of the Murray River in Tintaldra, approximately 100km east of Albury, this unique home serves as an Australian base for a client living overseas and offers a secluded yet intimate existence from which the surrounding environment can be observed and revered.

As a boutique project, the design brief required a cabin that was completely off-grid and easily maintained during long periods of vacancy throughout the year. A cladding system was developed to create a salvaged, shed-like exterior, consisting of a base layer of new zincalume and a top layer of recycled zincalume which was applied for effect.

When viewed from the road, the cabin recedes into the landscape by looking like any number of sheds in the area and appears as a small silhouette against the main range of the snowy mountains on the horizon.

As a stark contrast, the interior is crisp white with clean lines and contemporary fittings and fixtures, although the environment continues to be referenced in punctuations of timber flooring, decking and a wood fire heater that invites the outdoors in.

Minimalistic in layout, the cabin includes a master bedroom, bathroom and a modest open plan kitchen/living/dining area, while solar panels, a septic tank and a rainwater tank ensure year-round services and minimal environmental impact.

Project specifications

  • Oak flooring
  • Nectre fireplace
  • Septic tank
  • Rainwater tank
  • Solar panels