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All our homes are custom designed to meet each client’s individual requirements, site and budget by our architects.

The majority of our homes are priced between $3K-4K* per sqm (plus site and logistics costs). There are a number of variables that will affect the cost, so we suggest that you contact us to discuss your project in more detail to get an accurate quote.

A fixed cost

When it comes to your new Modscape home, we guarantee a fixed cost from the second you sign the contract – so you can be sure there will be no surprises along the way.

This is due to the way we design, manufacture and deliver our projects. A modular process requires full design resolution and documentation before any works can be undertaken, which means we know exactly what we are building it and exactly how much it will cost before we begin construction.

This enables us to deliver absolute price certainty and avoids you ever encountering what we call the ‘Grand Designs’ experience – architectural drawings coming in way over budget, price blowouts and timelines not adhered to, something those who have built traditionally experience more often than not. With us, the cost you are given at the contract stage is exactly what you will pay.

This process also means we can work backwards from your budget and create a design that we can guarantee will fit your constraints and budget perfectly.

The total cost of your house is made up of the following categories:

The cost of your home will vary depending on its size and design, as well as the size of your individual modules. The base modular price includes all of our standard specifications, which allow your home to be ready to move in to right away. Module prices typically range between $3K-4K* per sqm.

This includes any upgrades over and above our standard specifications – both design upgrades (such as upgrades to finishes, cladding, heating and cooling, appliances, etc.) and regulatory upgrades (coastal and/or bushfire (BAL) compliance upgrade requirements). All design upgrades are optional and vary greatly depending on the client’s taste.

Modscape offers a one-stop-shop, meaning we can coordinate all permits and consultants that may be required for your build. This includes site surveys, planning permits, planning consultants, and any applicable external consultants your site and design may require.

These costs cover the transport of your modules from our factory to your site, a crane to put them in place and any traffic management that may be required. These costs vary based on the site, location and size and weight of the modules.

This cost includes any works that are required on your site prior to your modules arriving, including demolition, cutting or filling of the site, preparation and installing footings, as well as everything you need to get your home lit-up, warm and cosy, such as the connection of your electricity, water and plumbing. This fee also includes any extras you may have specified, such as a tennis court or swimming pool. These costs all vary depending on the site, location and the brief.

There are a number of variables that affect the cost of a project, so contact our team today to get an accurate quote for your dream home.

*Plus GST. These prices act as an example only. The cost is highly dependent on the size, the complexity of each design, the location and the level of finish, so please contact us to discuss your project in more detail and allow us to provide a more accurate quote for your dream home.