We build like the earth depends on it.

Incorporating sustainability into our design and construction processes not only benefits the environment, but also creates a more efficient and streamlined process for our clients.

With Modscape, you can be sure that your project is making a positive impact on the planet while also meeting your specific needs and requirements.

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Benefits To The Environment


Using standardised building components in a controlled indoor environment means less materials are wasted, stolen, or damaged, resulting in 80% less waste compared to onsite methods.

Energy Savings

Modular construction is said to reduce energy consumption during the building process by around 67% due to integrated efficiencies and greater precision from automated manufacturing.

Reduced Transport

Having a centralised offsite location limits the transportation of materials and labour to a single job site, cutting carbon emissions by up to 60% and allowing for improved carbon tracking.

Fewer Disruptions

Offsite construction reduces the disruption, noise, and debris that’s typically associated with traditional builds. This fosters a more favourable outcome for neighbours and local ecosystems.

Passive Design

We employ passive design principles such as orientation, layout, thermal performance, insulation, and ventilation to meet 7 star energy ratings across all of our projects.

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