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Modscape has worked with a number of local councils and government bodies to deliver high-quality, inclusive and accessible commercial public buildings.

Whether it be a youth facility, a community building or a council infrastructure project, Modscape understands the importance of community consultations and engagement in order to create an equitable and future-proofed commercial build that will serve the surrounds for many years to come. We are committed to working in partnership with external architects, local councils, stakeholders and the community, leveraging collective knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the project.

What advantages does modular bring to community projects?

  • A bespoke and high-quality design solution
  • Fixed costs that ensure projects fall within budget
  • A faster, guaranteed timeframe of 12 weeks
  • We can create standardised design guidelines so there is consistency across multiple sites. In doing so, there is less documentation and management, which results in a tighter control of costs