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Modscape has taken traditional building techniques and turned them on their heads – creating a seamless building method that brings your dream home to life faster, more effectively, more sustainably and at a higher quality than ever before.

So what makes the Modscape modular process different?

With Modscape, the price you are given at contract stage is exactly what you will pay.

The nature of modular construction enables us to deliver absolute price certainty by way of a fixed price contract. We can do this due to the way we design, manufacture and deliver our projects.

A modular process requires full design resolution and documentation before any works can be undertaken, which means we know exactly what we are building it and how much it will cost before we begin construction.

This fixed price avoids you encountering any surprises – architectural drawings coming in way over budget, price blowouts, excessive add-ons and timelines not adhered to – something those who build traditionally experience more often than not.

With Modscape, your modular home will be built and installed within 12 weeks’ of receipt of the required building permit.

Construction occurs off-site in our factory, eliminating weather delays and speeding up the building process.

Building modular also allows for a fixed timeline for design, construction and delivery, so you can plan your life knowing that you will get the keys on an agreed date.

We offer a one-stop-shop approach, making the process of designing and building a new home enjoyable and hassle-free.
With our architects and construction team working together under the one roof, the process of building is immeasurably streamlined. We can also work with external architects if you would like a particular firm’s touch on your design.

Our team can coordinate any or all stages of the design and building process – from council approvals through to demolition, construction and landscaping – taking the weight off your shoulders and providing you with just one point of contact for the whole build process.

Our clients find that they can make significant associated savings to their end cost thanks to:

  •  One team managing the process of designing, pricing and building your home. This streamlines costs and avoids you paying unnecessary fees to   multiple companies.
  •  A faster build time means you can minimise holding costs of land or temporary accommodation costs.
  •  Minimal on-site time, which reduces any travel/call-out fees.

The process of creating our modular homes is highly flexible. Our team of architects will create a high-quality, unique home that is designed for you, your site, your requirements and budget. Alternatively, we can work with an architect of your choice.

Modular prefabrication produces 80%* less waste than traditional construction methods, making it the most sustainable way to build. Additionally, all Modscape homes are designed based on passive design principles to minimise environmental impact, maximise year-round comfort and reduce your running costs.

Read more about our sustainability principles here.

Modscape is 100% Australian owned and operated, and we prioritise local suppliers and partners in every project we work on.

All of our modular homes are constructed at our modular construction hub in Brooklyn, Melbourne, which means you can come and see your home at every stage

*According to real estate specialists JLL.