A Place for the Whole Family: Designing for Multi-Generational Living

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What will your house look like in 10, 20 and 50 years? Who lives with you now? And who will live with you tomorrow, next year and next decade? The concept of the multi-generational house is nothing new – it has been the most common living arrangement for most of human history. But the flexibility of modern design and construction, and the technology now capable of being incorporated in homes, is dramatically changing what we can expect from the family [...]

Keeping Modscape in the Family – Blueys Beach

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From windy ocean roads to  sandy beaches,  picturesque mountains and plentiful agricultural plains, the benefits of modular – the control, predictability and accessibility – is ideally suited to remote, complex or regional sites. Take our Kimberley project in Western Australia for example. As one of our first projects, completed over 11 years ago for the managers of the Yougawalla Cattle Station, the modular home/school/workers accommodation sits amongst millions of acres in the heart of one of Australia’s harshest and remote [...]

Things We Love: Modular Sculptures Installation

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Balance, solidity and geometry. These are the words to describe Modular Sculptures – a solo exhibition of sculptural work by Belgian artist, Conrad Willems. Consisting of modular components that can be separated and recombined, built up and broken down, the installation explores building materials and the language of construction through simple shapes that are repeated and layered to create something curious. The resulting geometric shapes are blurred or further emphasised by adding light.  […]

Solar Powered Pavilions That Also Collect Rainwater

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Wander around San Antonio’s Confluence Park and you’re bound to notice the sweeping sculptural pavilions that provide shade from the fierce Texas sun – and what you’ll quickly learn, is that they also act as an elegant method for collecting rainwater. Located at the confluence of the San Antonio River and San Pedro creek, the riverside park covers over three acres and incorporates multiple pavilions and an education space.  […]

10 Commonly Asked Questions About Modscape’s Modular Homes

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Despite the growing popularity and greater appreciation of the prefabricated construction industry, there are still a lot of questions and misconceptions about modular homes. Here are 10 of the most commonly asked questions we get at Modscape.   1. What are modular homes? Clients who are new to the concept of modular construction often ask Modscape, “is a modular home the same as a prefabricated build?” And, “what are the main differences between a modular home and a traditional home?” [...]

What You Need to Know About Building a Modular Home in a Bushfire Prone Area

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There is something truly magical about living in the bush.  The smells of the eucalypts and the shape and colour of the native canopy that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. The native wildlife that are abundant in these locations. The textures. The space. It’s peaceful. It’s beautiful. However the increased frequency and the intensity of bushfires over the past 30 or so years have resulted in amendments to how we plan and build our homes in these regions. [...]

Off-Site Modular Construction – Benefits for the Healthcare Industry

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Recently the NSW Government announced a welcomed $2.3 billion budget boost for hospitals and health services. As part of the increase, the state government will invest in extra frontline clinical and support staff in addition to the construction of 40 new facilities, upgrades and redevelopments. To meet the demand in a timely, efficient and high quality manner, smart developers and contractors will turn to modular construction systems and techniques. […]

Project Ivanhoe extension

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Tucked neatly behind a weatherboard house in Melbourne’s leafy north-east sits a two-storey modular extension that is bold yet refined and has transformed the way the clients live. In need of extra space for their growing family the clients decided to employ a modular solution and extend their home rather than move. The extension is open, filled with natural light and beautifully compliments its leafy suburban location. A new double-height entrance space has been created in the middle of the [...]

Things We Love: Being a Partner of HouseLab

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Modscape is delighted to be a partner of HouseLab – a new collaboration platform for home owners and the residential architecture, design and construction industry. Founded by Chris Rennie and Marcus Piper (formerly of Mezzanine magazine), the platform’s aim is to create a paperless home. At the platform’s core is a simple dashboard that allows everyone involved in the design, construction and home management process to upload all relevant information. From warranties, manuals, plans, permits, paint colours, contact details and [...]