Rebuilding The Northern Rivers School Cluster

school concept

In 2022, the Northern Rivers and North Coast regions of Australia suffered devastating floods, causing extensive damage to several schools. This disaster necessitated an urgent rebuilding of essential infrastructure, a task well within Modscape’s capabilities.

In partnership with Schools Infrastructure NSW, ADCO, and Pedavoli Architects, Modscape was appointed to manufacture four new schools as part of the Northern Rivers Flood recovery program. Our approach utilises modular construction techniques, a method that not only accelerates the rebuilding process but ensures a swift return to normalcy for staff and students in the region.

Our strategy centres around sustainable design principles, aiming to minimise environmental impact while improving the functionality and cost–efficiency of the new buildings.

Part of this strategy involves constructing the schools 3 meters above the ground on a steel gantry, significantly enhancing their resilience against potential future floods. The undercroft area is being transformed into a dynamic landscape and play area, doubling as a sheltered outdoor space for students. Additionally, the façade will feature coloured screens to reflect local Indigenous cultural groups and school colours.

As we progress with the recovery program, our goal remains clear: to deliver high-quality educational facilities that meet the community’s current and future needs of the community.

For Modscape, this initiative goes beyond mere construction; it represents our commitment to revitalising vital community infrastructure in the wake of natural disasters.

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