Living in the city comes with its fair share of advantages. You don’t have to go too far to reach the business district. Your home is surrounded by shops, restaurants and recreational spots. And if you’re the type who loves the hustle and bustle of the big city, you’ll never run out of fun activities to do.

However, there’s one problem with city living that most people would agree on: space isn’t cheap. Most people often choose to forego large open spaces for smaller homes, as long as it’s in the city. The problem with this is figuring out where to put everything. That’s why having some space saving techniques up your sleeve can come in handy when you feel like your home can’t contain all your stuff!

Want to make the most out of your living space? Here are some useful tips:

  • Use convertible furniture. Pull-out, foldable and stackable furniture are the best friends of people who live in smaller homes. These kinds of furniture take up minimal space when they’re folded up or stored, but they’re fully functional once they’re set up. You can also use furniture that doubles as a storage space which saves you from buying two separate pieces.

Space Saving Tips for Your Modular Home

  • Don’t forget the stairs. The space under the stairs is often turned into a little broom closet or a dumping ground for discarded objects. Why not maximize that space by using shelves or drawers? This way, you can easily see which items should stay and which ones need to be moved on.

Space Saving Tips for Your Modular Home

  • Invest in loft beds or bunk beds. Beds take up lots of space in a room, but you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of a big bed for some extra space. Families with many kids may find that bunk beds are a great way to make sure two or more beds can comfortably fit into a room. Loft beds, on the other hand, work well when you want to take advantage of the vertical space in your room.

Space Saving Tips for Your Modular Home

  • The ceiling’s the limit. The garage is a wonderful place for storing all sorts of things. But did you ever think of using its ceiling? By adding railings or shelves and using storage boxes, you can store items that you won’t be using all year-round such as winter clothes, rain boots or items with sentimental value. The best part is you can use airtight boxes and dehumidifying agents to make sure dust and mould don’t accumulate on your things.


  • Clear out the clutter. This is automatic for people who are used to living in small homes. But many people don’t realize just how many unnecessary things they have lying around. Ask yourself if you really need that bulky coffee table or that huge china cabinet. Pinpoint the things you can live without and donate them to charity or give them away to friends and family who might need them.

Saving Space in Your Modular Home

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