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Modscape has constructed a number of prefabricated education facilities and modular classrooms for universities and schools across the country.

Modular school construction occurs off-site, within a factory environment, thus ensuring a high-quality is achieved and the program for construction is controlled. Installation of modular classrooms can be scheduled during school or university term break, minimising disruption to students and staff.

Our modular classrooms, home bases and early learning facilities are designed to create safe and stimulating educational environments that support the development of children in their early years. Our modular university buildings push the boundaries of traditional classroom design and encourage collaboration and innovation.

Modscape frequently works alongside external architects and specialist consultants for our educational projects. Our modular system is flexible so we can adapt a proposed design to create an efficient, highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing projects. Clear communication and an approach of transparency and openness ensures a collaborative culture that produces the best results for the project. We will happily work alongside external audio-visual consultants to ensure all buildings have state-of-the-art technology fully integrated into the design.

Please contact us to discuss your next education project in more detail.