Keilor Primary School

Working closely with Sensum Group, Modscape designed and constructed a new prefabricated building for Keilor Primary School. The modular solution is sustainable and innovatively designed to include four teaching spaces, a library, an arts space, plus amenities for students and staff.The project is part of the Victorian Government’s Permanent Modular School Buildings Program – the next stage in the Victorian School Asbestos Removal Program responsible for the largest ever removal of asbestos from Victorian schools and for the delivery of more than 100 school projects over the next three years.

The new permanent modular building offers a fast and efficient solution for the school. With less time needed for planning and construction, the replacement of the older buildings containing asbestos could occur quickly – reducing disruption to students, staff and teaching programs.

By completing the construction off-site, the build process took half the time when compared to a traditional build. The construction was complete within just 10 weeks, occurring off-site at Modscape’s modular construction hub in Brooklyn, with the modules being installed in a day over the weekend. On-site and landscaping works were completed shortly thereafter.

Recessive curved walls add dynamic interest and edge whilst the timber cladding acts as a way-finding solution to define the entrances. Internally, a bold material palette enhances the design’s vibrancy and encourages creativity.

Gone are the days of the crazy-hot-in-summer/freezing-cold-in-winter ‘portables’ of previous generations. High-performing acoustic panelling and double-glazed windows are used in forward-thinking volumetric modules, creating a permanent and comfortable learning environment for the students of today and for generations to come.

Project Specifications

938sqm of learning, library and arts spaces, Staff and student amenities, Fully integrated data and audio-visual services, High-performing, durable finishes

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