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Modscape views design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA) as an approach to design that considers the manufacturing process and efficiency of assembly in order to create the most efficient product possible.

During the design phase and continued development of the product, Modscape effectively optimises the systems and details it uses across both the manufacture and installation stages to make the process simpler and more efficient in terms of safety, time and cost.

DfMA includes:

  • The design
  • The module structure
  • Internal and external finishes
  • All services

The use of DfMA and modular building techniques establishes a grid system of between 4.5-4.9m – a parameter that works as an optimal module size regarding materials and transport, but also as an optimal spatial requirement for healthcare spaces.

This system can be transferred to hospitals or aged care, schools, universities or public infrastructure in order to set a high-quality standard while also providing a number of benefits regarding design, cost, planning and sustainability.


Modular DfMA projects are well suited to easily accessed sites, regional or urban locations, flat or sloping sites and can reach up to 6-storeys high without any need for additional engineering.

DfMA is reliant on early engagement with the manufacturer and designers, as well as a design standardisation and a collaborative contracting model.

Benefits of DfMA

With 14 years’ experience designing DfMA and modular buildings, Modscape is regarded as one of the country’s top experts in its field. Our expertise combined with knowledge of DfMA practices will drive greater productivity in the design and delivery of healthcare buildings, education projects, display suites, infrastructure and more.


  • Despite standardisation practices, DfMA with Modscape still allows designs to take on individual aesthetics, room and ward layouts, varying uses and either volumetric or component-based methods.
  • Enables institutions to adapt to and budget for changes due to more concrete quotes and fixed costs.


  • According to SINSW, DfMA construction is 30% faster than its traditional counterpart.
  • Modular DfMA’s off-site nature is unaffected by weather and other constraints, speeding up a build significantly to 9+ weeks.
  • Commitment to the design early eliminates cost blow-outs and speeds up timelines.
  • Site works and building can occur concurrently.
  • Multiple projects can be built in the one off-site factory concurrently.

Higher quality builds

  • The repeatability and analysed nature of DfMA enables greater output and a higher quality finished product.
  • DfMA products are designed and manufactured to a higher than usual level of precision.


  • Modular DfMA builds make tracking carbon footprints easier, thanks to their factory assembly.
  • Modular allows buildings to be moved at a later date, reducing the requirement for knockdown rebuilds.
  • Standardised elements and modules make the most of materials, thus creating less waste and emissions.
  • Modscape employs zero-formaldehyde products and low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants.
  • Modscape employs a carbon-wise construction and installation process.
  • Modscape recycles any material wastage. It is estimated that the waste from one of our homes only fills only an 8-cubic meter bin.


  • Modular DfMA improves site safety for workers through its factory-controlled environment removed from the elements.
  • Off-site construction minimises noise, rubbish, dust and debris and maximises the quality of the final product.

Possibility to reduce cost

  • Via repeated and widespread use, DfMA is able to reduce construction and services costs.
  • Modular allows buildings to be moved at a later date, reducing the requirement for knockdown rebuilds.


  • DfMA creates an individualised yet connected aesthetic across all facilities.
  • This uniformity works to create a branded product.
  • DfMA will result in more certainty across all areas of the build, along with the ability to build high-quality schools in a significantly faster than usual timeframe.


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