Mysterious Mask House

  • July 13th, 2017
Mask House - A forest retreat

Gloomy, ominous and mysterious. These are a few of the words that spring to mind when viewing images of the Mask House.

Envisioned by WOJR, the secluded cabin has been conceptualized as a space of refuge and contemplation. A place of seclusion, peace and tranquillity that “removes one from the world of the everyday”.

Mask House - A forest retreat

Measuring just 55sqm the retreat is raised on stilts and hides amongst tall trees. Adding to its mysteriousness is a large slatted wall that appears as one approaches the cabin via a long narrow walkway. After crossing the initial threshold of the cabin’s ‘mask’, visitors are welcomed into a timber-lined, open-plan living space. The space is minimal but punctuated by a central suspended fireplace that warms the whole place in winter. Expansive glazing capitalizes on the lake views and the roof is designed as a terrace to further enhance the experience of feeling like you are among the trees and a part of nature. In contrast, the sleeping nook is lined in a dark, felt material that provides a cave-like refuge for the occupant. The one light source seeping into the sleeping space is from a circular skylight where only views to night sky are permitted.

Despite its dark clad exterior, the sequence of rooms instill a sanctuary-like and calming atmosphere. This beautiful yet mysterious cabin would be the perfect spot to runaway to.

Mask House - A forest retreat

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